Greens Blend No2 Detox - 122grams

Greens Blend No2 Detox - 122grams

By Mattole Valley Naturals

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Mattole Valley Naturals Detox Greens is a delicious blend of key nutrients and powerful chelating elements. It effectively combats the ubiquitous contaminants in today’s environment. 

Energize your body while simultaneously cleansing the system to release toxins.

French Green Illite Clay, Chlorella and Chaga mushroom are combined with other concentrates in this brilliantly unique formulation. 

Wild-crafted Sea Buckthorn has been cherished in Tibet for centuries for its anti-aging and vitalizing effects.

Organic & Wild-crafted Chaga Mushroom is regarded as a premier anti-aging herb with powerful adaptagenic qualities.

Bee Pollen is an ancient food with antimicrobial and antiviral properties which benefit the immune system.

Organic Chlorella with sound frequency cracked cell walls for bio-availability provides deep nutrition whilst assisting the normal function of immune and elimination organs.

Organic Kelp provides natural iodine in a safe bioavailable form.

Organic Aloe 200:1 concentrated mucilaginous polysaccharides(AMP)concentrate.

Innovated by health professionals with precise synergistic proportioning, and meticulous preparation to enhance the quality of your life. 

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