Shaolin Inner Power F.I.T.T - 60 grams

Shaolin Inner Power F.I.T.T - 60 grams

By Dragon Herbs

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Dragon Herbs Shaolin Inner Power Formula is an exciting new formula designed to inspire the peaceful yet dynamic path followed by the Shaolin Monks. Its ingredients are a blend of classic spiritually supportive herbs such as Wild Reishi and Polygala with famous muscle, sinew and bone marrow herbs such as Eucommia and Morinda all allied with the famous regenerative qualities of He Shou Wu.

Formulated on the principle established by Damo, the founder of Zen: "Move Forward from the Heart."  This formulation nourishes all three treasures, tonifies both a Yin and Yang, enhances wisdom, strengthens the bones, nourishes the muscles and promotes inner power and inner peace.  It is the choice formula for those living a physically active and spiritually aware lifestyle.

This formula has been formulated to honor the way of herbalism embodied at the Shaolin Temple Apothecary, which is one of the great repositories of herbal knowledge in the world because classic herbs are completely integrated into the diet of the monks who live there. These monks are dedicated to a spirit- centered existence while integrating a tonic herbal lifestyle. Dragon Herbs are donating all proceeds from the sales of this formula towards the building a Shaolin Temple in California. 

It is a classically composed blend of Red Jujube Date, Wild Reishi Mushroom, Astragalus, Chaga Mushroom, He Shou Wu, Eucommia, Polygala, Morinda Root & Licorice Root. 

Note: I experienced a wonderful enhancement of energy and sense of calm wellbeing after beginning to take the Shaolin Formula. It has taken the place of several other formulas I had been taking as it integrates many important ingredients into a single entity. - Olly

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