Our Story




Kotuku Elixirs exists to support a life made richer with Tonic Herbs from around the World. We delight in consuming and serving foods and herbs which support vitality and health.












Owned by Olly Lithgow and his passionate team at Kotuku Elixirs craft cutting edge Hot Tonics and lush nutrient rich smoothies whilst dispensing a deep selection of some of the finest herbal formulas and natural substances from around the world

Years of study and practice at Kotuku Elixir Bar have helped us curate and produce a sublime selection of herbs and ingredients from many traditions and places.

Olly has spent many years trying to understand herbs and humans from a Taoist Tonic Herbal perspective and has been particularly grateful to guided along the way by Master Ron Teeguarden and Rehmania Dean Thomas. 


In early 2020 Kotuku Elixirs closed its incarnation as a store front elixir bar at       25 e de la Guerra St Santa Barbara to concentrate on supplying its clients with superior herbs and continuing our learning journey.  

 Olly and members of the team are available for consultations and providing services in both intimate and public settings.




We specialize in:

-Organic Medicinal Mushroom Extracts and Tinctures

-Intentional Tonic Herbal Formulas with Ormus

-Rare & Potent Shilajit

-Traditional Tibetan Herbal Formulas

-Dragon Herbs Tonic Formulas

-Cultivated Ormus 

-Essential Oils from Dr Nick Berry of Essential Oil Wizardry



Kotuku is the Maori name for the white heron, a bird personified through wonderful stories & meanings from around the world. They remind us of the magic of this land that we live in. Look out for them at low tide in Santa Barbara.






- Established 2013 -





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