Alche-Mist Forest Spirit - Kejiwa

Alche-Mist Forest Spirit - Kejiwa

By Kejiwa

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An exquisite Palo Santo Aromatherapy Mist to instantly transport you to a heavenly experience of Grounded Clarity. Mist in the car, home, or out in the world – clear any situation and inspire the moment – Spray your face and deeply inhale to refresh!

Benefits:  Palo Santo, meaning “Holy Tree,” is the sacred smudge or clearing herb of South American wisdom keepers.  This enticing spiritual oil aids the third-eye (pineal gland) in its role of balancing all of your chakras; bringing you an experience of ease, clarity, and strength.

Sandalwood and Cedar empowers you to meet your highest potential.  Golden Topaz gemstone provides you with confidence through bestowing charisma, protecting you against envy and negativity, and activating your life-force energy; strong tree-trunk core!  Rare Lightning-struck Lemurian Seed Quartz (essence) holds volumes of ancient wisdom and is a bridge between heaven and earth;  which is a perfect metaphor for you!
Dear Powerful One, Feel the core of your being confidently growing sure & strong.

Now is the time for Us, the children of Light, to become the radiant emBodhied bridge between heaven and earth as We manifest New Eden.  Our holy tree family is the perfect, strong tree trunk core amplification of this outreaching communion with Father Sky and deep rooted merging with Mother Earth.  Discover this expansive liberating angle via this trigonomeTree of Life!

Ingredients:  Palo santo essential oil, Cedar essential oil, Sandalwood essential oil, Tea tree essential oil, Golden topaz gemstone essence, Citrine gemstone essence, Lightning struck lemurian record keeper seed quartz gemstone essence, Sedona spring water, blessed holy water, mono-atomic gold ormus.~`

All essential oils are steam-distilled and wild-harvested/organic.

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