Reishi Spore Powder 200g -USDA Organic

By Kotuku Elixirs

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Reishi Spores are the most concentrated form of Reishi Mushroom that nature gives us. In fact it takes around 1000kg of Reishi Mushroom to make 1- 3kg of Reishi Spores!

Reishi Spores can be thought of as the pollen of Reishi which the mushroom uses to reproduce itself so it is in fact the Jing or (Life Essence) of the Reishi and contains high concentrations of Triterpenes and Polysaccharides which are the most important substances for our bodies in Reishi. Reishi Spore powder also contains  adenosine, thirteen amino acids, Germanium, Selenium, lipopolysaccharides, ascorbic acid, alkaloids and trace minerals.

Reishi is known to be a most potent Superfood or Tonic Herb for our bodies immune system. Reishi has been shown to have  profound effects on the human immune system as well as a wide spectrum of life enhancing qualities. 

Part of the true magic of Reishi spore powder is its effect on our mind and spirit. One small tsp consumed directly in the mouth or as a topping on a hot elixir leaves us feeling both enlivened and calm, It is a really sublime form of "high" - This form of enlivenedness is mentioned throughout the recorded history of Reishi and the spores really bring it !!! 

RSP can promote longevity and maintain vitality. It can also influence the immune status of hemophiliacs with positive HIV antibody, in addition to acting as an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-oxidant agent. 

In TCM Reishi is used to nourish the whole body with a particular focus on calming the heart and regulate blood pressure and aiding the livers function.

Reishi Spore Powder is also used to help with allergies as it contains potent natural naturally occurring anti-histimine agents.

The Japanese government has officially listed RSP as an adjunct herb for cancer. In China, RSP is recommended for daily use to promote health, induce sound sleep and increase resistance to infections and heart disease.

Preliminary clinical reports and practitioner reports indicate that its immuno-stimulating polysaccharides may benefit people who are HIV positive, as well as for those who have Epstein-Barr Virus (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome). Reishi Spore Powder has also been shown in clinical tests on rats to protect the Hippocampus and support its functions of assisting spatial awareness and memory. 


Our Reishi Spores are gathered from certified organic Reishi farmed in semi wild farms in northern China where the mushroom is grown on specially selected hardwood logs submerged in the earth and protected by tunnel houses so that the spores can gather sheltered from the elements.

The Spores are cracked using pressure and sound vibration to break the hard cell wall and make the bio-active treasures inside available to us.

We believe that we have the only Fully USDA certified organic Reishi Spores on the market today and are proud to share them with all our customers so they can truly experience the difference which Reishi Spore Powder can make for our wellbeing.

This is the most profound product which Kotuku Elixirs have yet offered.


Kotuku's Reishi Spore powder is one of the most delightful I have tasted - it literally melts in your mouth! 

I notice my senses brighten immediately and my immune system is increasingly fine tuned the longer I take it. I love to tell my patients how it enhances longevity, and can be taken daily without producing any side effects. When it is taken regularly, it can restore the internal system to its healthy state, enabling all organs to function normally. - Rose Goodman L.Ac Licensed Accupuncturist CA

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