Replenish Elixir - Kotuku Elixirs 90g

Replenish Elixir - Kotuku Elixirs 90g

By Kotuku Elixirs

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Replenish Elixir is a Yin Essence Formula of the Highest Potency.

Rooted in the Ancient Taoist formula known as Healers Tea or Honeymooners Tea, Replenish Elixir was formulated and created to rapidly restore the Primary Energy of our bodies which we use up every day but especially when we work with others or make love.

In many traditional cultures Healers are understood to give something of their vital life force every time they treat a patient and it is often observed that doctors and healers die young due to how much "The work takes it out of them".                    
If we look further into this we can see how everyone of us is expending ourselves trying to keep with the lives we live, the things we worry about and the people we love.
In Chinese medical theory the Kidneys and the attached Adrenals are the home of our vital force or Jing. Our Semen and other sexual fluids are an expression of this "Jing" and the excessive spending of this precious resource can reduce a persons vitality and quality of life.
The Kidneys and Adrenals are also intimately linked with stress in our own lives and our concerns
Traditionally Healers Tea was made from Dendrobium Nobile, Goji Berry, Schizandra Berry and Licorice. Replenish Elixir takes this ancient classic formula and introduces additional elements to create a more complete single formula for challenges of modern life. 


The Herb "Which is Like Gold in Medicine

Dendrobium Nobile is one of the most important longevity herbs in Chinese Medicine but is less understood in the West. For thousands of years, people in various parts of China willingly risked their lives to pick the “immortality herb” grown in the edge of cliffs for saving patients with critical conditions.                  

In the legends, the juice of Dendrobium could resurrect the dead!!. This legend can be seen as a commentary on Jing deficiency and how we feel when we are "completely drained" as we might say in the west. Dendrobium builds precious fluids in the body which help bring us back to life as we want to experience it.

It is credited with enhancing physical fitness. Yao Xing Lun (A book on the pharmacological nature of drugs) argues that it Tonifies Kidney essence, nourishes Yin and bodily fluids, nourishes the Stomach Yin and increases physical strength.                                                                  

 The “China Pharmaceutical Dictionary” claims that it is specialized at nourishing qi and fluid in lung and stomach. Hence, it treats a variety of diseases caused by deficiency of yin and bodily fluids.   Dendrobium's quality of increasing gastric juices and improving insulin balance can support digestion and blood sugar.                            It is rich in polysaccharides that enhance immune function.

Reishi Mushroom and Rehmannia nourish and build the blood

Ophiopogon to moisten the lungs and promote fluids in the body.

Albizzia "the Heartbreak Flower" is a sublime herb to aid release of troubles in the emotional body and heart. It is said that it  "lifts the spirit, calms the emotions, stabilizes mood and points our psyche in a positive direction. This extremely useful Shen tonic can have miraculous benefits.  This wonderfully aromatic flower has a powerful calming effect when one is overcome by anger, frustration, worry, fear, anxiety and other tough emotions."*

Polygala is an herb was traditionally known as the “Will Strengthener.” helping us to remain “centered” during stress and thus allowing us to persevere through difficulties.*

Ormus Minerals are formed from Mineral Salts using ancient Alchemical Practices to increase the connection to the Divine. They can also be understood to enliven our cells.

 Suggestions For Use :

Traditionally Body Workers, Healers and Lovers would drink Healers Tea after every Treatment or Love-making session. In modern times taking a few daily moments to replenish your source and calm the spirit can help us move forward

*First Thing in The Morning - A cup of Hot Replenish after your lemon water helps nourish our foundational energy before we stimulate ourselves with tea or coffee and responding to the stresses in our lives.

*An Afternoon Restorative. Hot or Cold a cup of Replenish Elixir is the perfect thing to act as a pick me after a day of doing whether to help push through the afternoon's work, get you in the mood for the evening Yoga class or just give a spring in the step on the way to happy Hour.

 - At Kotuku Elixirs we always serve Replenish Elixirs before our evening speaker events to help guests feel alive and present.

*Just before Bed - A large glass of water with Replenish and "Calm" Magnesium       powder. It is so important to hydrate your body, Magnesium has been shown to help our bodies relax and help our muscles unwind. Replenish Elixir's Yin and Water element nature helps our body and spirit to unwind and relax. 


 Ingredients: Dendrobium, Rehmannia, Reishi Mushroom, Goji Berry, Schizandra Berry, Ophiopogon, Albizzia Flower, Bamboo, Licorice, Monkfruit                           & Ormus Minerals 


*Ron Teeguarden 

Dendrobium has been called  “Gold in Medicine”. It is highly regarded as the No. 1 of the 9 “Chinese immortality herbs”, which refers to Tie Pi Shi Hu (dendrobium candidum), Tian Shan Xue Lian (Saussurea involucrate from Tian Shan Mountain), San Liang Zhong Ren Shen (three liang of ginseng), one-hundred-and-twenty-year He Shou Wu, Fu Ling (Poria of a cycle of sixty years), Cong Rong (Cistanche), Shen Shan Ling Zhi (Ganoderma in remote mountains), Hai Di Zhen Zhu (seabed pearls), and Dong Chong Xia Cao (Cordyceps Sinensis).

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