22 Reishis Drops -Dragon Herbs 2oz

22 Reishis Drops -Dragon Herbs 2oz

By Dragon Herbs

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The most complete Reishi Product we have ever seen. 

In China, certain woody mushrooms are held in extremely high esteem for their life-preserving, protective and generally tonic actions. Reishi Mushroom (known as Lingzhi in Chinese) is the King of Mushrooms, and are regarded very highly in the East.

Herbalists are well aware that there are several varieties of Reishi, and all of them are used as tonic herbs to promote radiant health. Each variety has its own strengths and value. In the herbal world of China, there are over 20 mushrooms that are called "Reishi," the most important being Ganoderma lucidum. Some of the "Reishis" are not actually in the Ganoderma genus, but are related or are otherwise extremely potent life-enforcing tonic herbs. All of them have been used for many centuries, so they are well established and well understood. However, some are very rare and some are much more available.

22 Reishis, a unique formulation created by Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden, contains the 22 varieties of wild, woody mushrooms that are sold in "Reishi specialty shops" in China as "Reishi." They come from all over Asia - from Manchuria, Mongolia, Heaven Mountain, Tibet, Wuyi Mountain, etc.

This is the first product that we know of, perhaps ever, that contains all 22 varieties of Reishi used in the Orient.

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