Albizzia Flower Drops- Dragon Herbs 2oz

Albizzia Flower Drops- Dragon Herbs 2oz

By Dragon Herbs

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Consistently popular at Kotuku for stress and grief, Albizzia Flower Drops are famous for supporting people in times of emotional upheaval.

Now in a bottle twice the size !!! 

Albizia julibrissin (Mimosa), traditionally known in China as the "herb of happiness," is one of the most valued Chinese botanicals for supporting a healthy mood during periods of occasional stress. Albizia flowers and bark have been used for centuries to support the mood, promote mental calmness, and ensure a peaceful night's sleep.

Dragon Herbs produce a particularly potent and well crafted version of this classic formulation.

The beautiful, extremely delicate flower of the Albizzia julibrissin (mimosa) tree has been used for centuries in Asia as a superior Shen tonic. A properly-prepared extract of the freshly harvested flowers lifts the spirit, calms the emotions, stabilizes mood and points our psyche in a positive direction. This extremely useful Shen tonic can have miraculous benefits. In southern China, the flower from the Magnolia cocos tree has been used similarly. This wonderfully aromatic hard flower has a powerful calming effect when one is overcome by anger, frustration, worry, fear, anxiety and other hard emotions. By combining these two flowers and extracting them with advanced technology so as to assure the preservation of the aromatic oils and other components,Dragon Herbs produce a Shen tonic that belongs in everyone’s elixir bar, and many people’s bags and purses. It’s naturally delicious and easy to take.*


Traditional Functions: Stabilizes and lifts Shen.


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