Ashitaba -Kotuku Elixirs (Organic) 100 grams

Ashitaba -Kotuku Elixirs (Organic) 100 grams

By Kotuku Elixirs

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Known as "Tomorrows Leaf"  Ashitaba is a profoundly nutritious leafy green plant orginating in Japans Okinawa Islands. With one of the most amazing nutrient profiles of any plant on earth Ashitaba is a true miracle food. 

Reputed to be one of the fastest growing plants known Ashitaba packs a substantial nutritional load.

Ashitaba contains rich concentrations of vitamins and minerals including vitamin B12 which is an important nutrient often lacking in Vegan and Vegetarian diets.

Ashitaba's yellow sap contains the unique compounds known as Chalcones.    Chalcones have been shown to have potent  effects in stimulating Nerve Growth Factors in the brain as well as having significant antioxidant effects.

Ashitaba is known in Chinese and Japanese medicine as a Jing(essence) and Kidney tonic which as well as providing nutrients for healthy physical growth. 

Chalcones also function as a diuretic and can help sooth our digestion and increase breaking up of stagnation in our bowels.

 Kotuku Elixirs Organic Ashitaba is grown by a leading Japanese company in Indonesia in a pristine volcanic region which closely mirrors its original home on the Volcanic Island of Hachi-Jo. Ashitaba relies on the super fertile volcanic soil to create its amazing profile. Our source Ashitaba farm has over 30 years experience in fastidious scientific research to create the right conditions to recreate the most complete nutritional profile.

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